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Video Productions

Single Camera

Simple talking head or single position camera angle, great for websites, product launches or small presentations.

Multi Camera

Multi camera static angles with production switching for increased engagement and content views.

Music Videos

Simple acoustic sessions to complex music videos, discuss your ideas with us.

Training & eLearning

Computer tutorials, product demonstrations, whiteboards and more.

Green Screen & Virtual

Green screen allows for virtual backgrounds, overlays and other formatting and uses.

Custom Productions

We can discuss your project and come up with a custom solution that incorporates our available video and audio feature set.

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Taking Your Content
to the Next Level

Simple, effective and engaging are the three main terms we like to strive towards. Making sure that the content that we create matches not only the project breif but works in the context of its destination. 

Yes, you can create a video and release it on social media, the challenge is creating a video that will engage the viewer and make them want to find out more.

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