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Real Estate Productions

Packages for all Properties

Bring property videos to all market sectors and price ranges with packages to suit all budgets.

Local & Reliable

We aim to optimise shoot time and maximise turnaround to get your video out and quickly as possible without compromising on quality, and we're local!

Selling a Story

We like to be different by selling a story, we want viewers and prospective buyers to see themselves living the property.

Agent Walkthrough

From voice-over to on camera walkthroughs, we encourage agents to get involved in the shoot to increase the connection to prospective buyers (don't worry, we will be there to help guide you through the process).

Voiceovers & Music

We have a team of voiceover artists on hand to provide property specs and highlights, we can also licence and provide quality background music that is relevant to the property.

Custom Productions

From agent introductions to sales pitches or television/social media advertising, contact us to discuss your project today!

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Taking Your Listings
to the Next Level

If you are interesting standing out from the crowd, then consider us for your next real estate marketing project. Not only do we provide property videography, we can produce and direct videos for your social and even television marketing needs.

We can produce your videos in the optimal length and aspect ratio for your desired social media networks and even help you with the upload and release process.

We like to think outside the box, mediocre is not going to stand out from the crowd, we endeavour to make our content memorable by making our work tell a story. 

If you are up for a streak of creativity in your next project or have a crazy idea that you would like to try, we’d love to hear from you!