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Record your Conference, Meeting
or Sporting Event
Even stream it Live!

Multiple Cameras

Multiple camera angles, static and moving, screen and projector inputs, titles, scoreboards and overlays.

Instant Replay

Multiple camera instant replay possibilities including slow motion and event export for highlight reels.

Live Broadcast

Stream your event live on the major streaming platforms (connectivity permitting) as well as record for later use.

Capture Screens

Capture live output of screens and projectors for integrated switching and picture-in-picture during presentations. Great for e-Sports and presentations.

Additional Cameras

Additional cameras, phones, tablets, even webcams can be connected to allow for additional source inputs to the broadcast.

ISO Recording

All camera angles are recorded in full, as well as switch logging, enabling adjustments post-event to angles, replays etc.

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Live Stream Your Event Standard streaming package contains: 2 cameras on tripods, one operator, additional HDMI input from projector/laptop or similar, microphone for presenter as required, streamed to Zoom and MyEvent.stream and optionally a single facebook, linked in or youtube endpoint.


Live Stream Your Event
Total Price
Total Attendies

Streaming package contains the following:

  • 2 broadcast cameras static on tripods
  • production vision switcher and software
  • One camera/switcher operator
  • Basic lower thirds and title screen
  • One additional HDMI input for projector/laptop or similar
  • Microphone for presenter (if required)
  • Streamed to Zoom meeting
  • Streamed and archived via myEVENT.stream service
  • Optionally streamed to a single facebook, linked in or youtube account.
  • High quality recording of live event provided via download link after event

Optional Extras:

  • Additional camera operator
  • Third camera angle
  • Wireless camera link
  • Second location cross (e.g. presenters desk and event stage)
  • External Zoom/Skype call patching
  • Custom graphics, titles, and lower thirds
  • High quality ISO recording of each camera for duration of event
  • Editing and cutting of event for upload/release (hourly charge)
  • Green screen and custom sets
  • Royalty free images, sounds and music for streams

If you can’t see a service you are looking for, let us know your requirements and we will come up with a solution and package that works for your event…

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Streaming Solution

Aaron Media provides a completely customised streaming solution for all your event needs. Cameras, operators and streaming services, all in one! We provide high quality streaming of events on 1080p quality with multiple camera angles, on-site Internet failover protection, live chat and the ability to simulcast your event on YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and LinkedIn.

Provide your guests with a simple link and password via email or SMS, utilise our paid ticket sales system or run a conference with multiple speakers, streams and venues with completely customised branding for your attendees.

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Taking Your Live Event
to the Next Level

Professionally planned and executed live event and sports recording and broadcasting. We specialise in small to medium corporate events, local sports, webinars, conferences, awards evenings, weddings, funerals, school plays/presentations, and more!

Contact us about your upcoming event and we can discuss a solution that will take your event to the next level.

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Professional Streaming Equipment & Capabilities

Capture your event not only with multi-angle footage but combine the footage with our professional titles, intro videos, lower thirds, slides or computer capture and take your event to a whole new level.

Project live footage next to stage of slideshows or external television or projectors, this can include computer screen capture, roving cameras, closeup video of the presenter, even lyrics.

We can also provide multi-camera instant replay for sporting events, green-screen work, virtual news rooms, inset Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and other communications platforms.