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We Offer a Wide Variety of Services

Podcast Record & Hosting

In-house productions or pre-recorded content, we can record, produce, host and release to all major podcasting platforms.

Product Showcase

Setting up online, producing a print catalog or need to create a video sample, we can help with the process and/or training as well as equipment.

Voice Artist Production

We have at our disposal voice artists including local artists as well as other Australian and international talent, let us discuss your project with you and create a great campaign for your next project.

Live Event Broadcasting

Produce and execute Webinars from our studios, record and schedule live events or sports, we offer on-site conference recording and production services.

Green Screen & Virtual Sets

Interviews on the beach? Yep, we can do that, from virtual backgrounds, newsrooms and weather overlays,to fullly 3D rendered scenes. Turn a remote interview into sitting in the same room.

eLearning Projects

Computer based tutorials to product demonstrations, fitness instructors to chefs, from filming to release and sale, we can help.

Studio Video Production

Multiple camera angles improve engagement for viewers, deliver more than just a talking head, multiple angles, guest speakers or top down demos.

Post-Production Services

Pre-recorded footage of events or on-location, multi-cam switching, podcast audio processing and production, advertising and voiceovers for radio and television.

Interview & News Sets

Newsroom desks both virtual and physical sets, interview chair and lounge sets, talkshow hosting, remote crossing, we'll come up with a repeatable solution or your project.

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